//The Hitman’s Bodyguard Released today.

The Hitman’s Bodyguard Released today.


Another blockbuster action film release this year comes with The Hitman’s bodyguard. Even the trailer looks stunning, the humour between Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L Jackson becomes very clear when Ryan is sat there saying, ‘I hope they kill him, I really do!’. Leading you straight into wondering, is he going to do his job and protect the man he is hired to or just leave him to get killed off? An action packed adventure surely must entail, for the fact they keep punching each other even in the few seconds of spoilers on the cinema screen.

I knew this would be good, from even those few seconds. The two clearly had good chemistry, was I wasn’t prepared for was exactly how good! From the very first moment, when Bryce’s AAA rated security team is beaten at the very last second by a hell of a sniper shot. He ends up, as a no body security guard. Doing the best he can to make a living, in a broken down old car. It is clear just how far he has sunk. Even if he is still at the top of his game action wise.

Gary Oldman stars as Vladislav Dukhovich, a dictator being brought to the courts to stand trial for his war crimes. Anyone who stands against him gets mysteriously killed. Which is where Samuel L Jackson comes in, Darius is a hitman. Killed hundreds of people, locked up for the rest of his life. Is offered a deal, to spare his wife (also locked up) freeing her, if he testifies. Leaving Interpol trying to keep him alive long enough to get from England to Amsterdam to give testimony. Lead by Amelia, a fresh green agent, with a team which very quickly gets attacked and killed. leaving just Darius and Amelia hiding out. Bringing him to a safe house, she ends up calling Bryce to help her realise there must be a mole inside Interpol for them to have been found out.

Now, we add the drama. Amelia is Bryce’s ex. Bryce blames Amelia for him falling in love with her. He told her the name of his client, who then ended up dead. Losing him, everything. She denies that she had ever had anything to do with betraying him, but he won’t let it go. Drama part two, Bryce and Darius know each other professionally. Darius has tried to kill him, 28 times as he protected his clients. This is never going to end well! If Bryce wants a hope of getting his old life or the girl back, he has to keep this man alive and bring him to Amsterdam safely in 27 hours time. This is going to be a road trip from hell! Mixed in with love, Darius would do anything to save Sonia (Salma Hayek) from jail. Will Bryce do the same to get his girl back? Or will he just kill the guy himself?

None stop action, hysterical sarcastic lines well delivered from both members of the team. Good supporting roles from strong actors such as Richard E Grant. Slightly overly bloody fight scenes, so if you are squeamish (like me) look away. The whole scene of how Sonia and Darius met, falling in love. Really made me think about things from a ‘bad guy’s’ POV, which shows strong writing as well as emotive acting. You can see a real friendship developing between the two leads as the film progresses.

I would say this is the best film of the year so far in my eyes. Well worth watching, rewatching and taking your friends to.




Apologies for this wrongly saying Ryan Gosling when first posted. It has been a long day.

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