//Recruitment – Content Writer for Book Reviews

Recruitment – Content Writer for Book Reviews

THE PULSE ENTERTAINMENT [TPE] is expanding and developing at a fast pace, and I have been appointed Head of Books [Reviews and Interviews], beginning of this year, having sole rights to reviewing all the anthologies that are published by Celenic Earth Publications [CEA] whom in itself have fruitful plans, for the present/future, in place. As well as now branching out to partner with Crystal Angel Publications.

The book department expanded into Anime and Manga this year along, with Wesley-Jade Wyngaard as head of this department. Together with other book reviewers on the team, we want to continue the expansion to give more people an opportunity, who love to read and have their voice heard about the books they have read, to join our dynamic family at TPE.

We just not looking for readers that write or writers that read, but we are looking for eager and committed writers that follow our processes to the letter and understand how our business works. So we have very specific requirements and there will be certain assignments to complete to ensure that you fit the bill. We will teach you our systems and how best to write articles, but the skill and experience need to be there beforehand. Spending hours correcting someone else’s work is not enjoyable in the least.

We want intrinsically motivated individuals as this is not a paying job. None of the writers at TPE get paid to write for the site. We love what we do and we do it for the passion of the writing craft. You will be gaining experience that you can use on your resume, and of course, you will be getting free books as a way to compensate you for your time.

If you have any questions, please don’t fail to contact me. Here are the official requirements.


You must absolutely love reading and be able to have critical opinions about what you read but also do not completely criticize the work but be able to highlight positive pointers of the book too as our website focuses a lot on Indie Books.

If we do not have books for you to read, then the onus is on you to borrow books or join Kindle Buffet and other platforms who offer free Indie books to read and review them to reach your monthly quota.

This is an LGBT friendly website so if you feel that you are unable to work with this genre then please do not apply. Our culture at TPE is diverse, take note of this when you are applying too.

You need to be hard working, willing to produce 2/4 pieces a month minimum 500 words each and in good English.

You must be willing to write articles, announcements, interviews, and reviews. You may also have a publisher assigned to you so you must be willing to read and review books a few days before its launch so we stay ahead of the game.

You must have some skill with writing articles. You can provide us with a resume of your experience, but you need to write a review of a recent book you read with the minimum 500-word requirement as part of your application.

You need to be committed to reading and writing as much as your time allows.

Experience with feeds and the ghost blog system will be advantageous, but not a necessity. You will be taught to use these systems, but it helps if you already know how.

You must be on Facebook [compulsory], as we have a closed Facebook group where we discuss our work and have meetings. Any other social media that you can share articles on will count in your favor.

The key to recruitment is personality. This is not something that can be tested but will be monitored over time. We’ve had some bad sorts and some funny sorts, and we only want to deal with those that fit in well with the team and help our site grow. All submissions and writers will be assessed by TPE owner Sarah Beth James and I.

You will be placed under a 2-month probationary period to see how well you fit with the team. We may need to extend this if we wish to give you another chance. If you succeed, you will be considered a permanent Pulsie.

On a final note, we at TPE have grown to be more than people that just work online together; we are like a family, which support each other’s goals, address each other with respect and integrity, whether it is business or personal. As much as we need writers, we need people to fit into our diverse culture of support and encouragement. We need individuals who are willing to work as a unit.


Pragashnie Naidoo

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