//Girl’s Trip 2017

Girl’s Trip 2017

Firstly, it has to be said that this film is ground-breaking in many ways. Not only is it the first comedy film of 2017 to gross $100 million at the box office. It is also the only all black team of all time to do so. Black stars, screenwriters, producers and director. As well as the fact it has been out at the box office ONE MONTH!

With all that going for it, chick flick or not I had to go see this movie. Chick flicks are rarely my thing, I loathe reviewing or viewing them. The main reason I went, in the end, was one of those breakup moments where you need a little distraction. Girl’s trip certainly gives that, and in a way that is much more classy than many all girl films, like Bridesmaids. Yes, there are a couple of needless and slightly gross scenes. AKA the ‘golden shower’ and the ‘absinthe’ scenes. The majority of the film is interesting and engaging whether you are white, black or rainbow coloured.

The four main cast, revolve around four ex-friends who used to do everything together. Although life, as it has a tendency to, has pulled them apart. Now, they haven’t seen each other in years, You have the stay at home single mom, who’s forgotten what it is to be anything other than a mother. Even to her friends. (Lisa) You have the violent, not quite found her way yet, although fiercely loyal friend. (Dina). The slightly pushed out of the group friend (Sasha), who wanted to be a big writer, yet got shafted by another member of the team. Ending up writing trash celeb gossip just to make money, and barely surviving at that. Then, of course, you have the popular girl. The one who shafted Sasha long ago. Ryan, the perfect woman, with the perfect man, the perfect job, fame, money, giving self-help advice to keep your relationship perfect and teaching you how to have it all! Freinds, power, money, fame and your man!

Only Ryan doesn’t have it all.

Her husband is cheating on her. She can’t have kids, so he has found someone else to have them with. She stays with him cause he is half of her brand, and she is too scared to make it on her own. She is losing herself to a mentally abusive relationship. So much so, that even when she confronts him over the fact his girlfriend (which is meant to be over and they in counselling for) is at the same festival they are. As well as trying to make a scene in public several times. He convinces her to try again, and forget all that. As her friends try to convince her that this is wrong, she needs to stand up for herself more. Mixed up with a storyline of four friends kicking it, drinking, partying and trying to recapture the good old days. With scenes that felt real.

What really makes this film for me, is the ending. When Ryan gives her speech (and spoilers, but I think you can guess what is happening!) finally admitting to the world what has happened to her. Trying to make it into a powerful empowering message to every woman there, no. Every person there, to not give up hope, to follow what they believe in and trust their friends when they get lost. A speech so well was it written, it actually had me crying. Which is extremely rare. A speech, which should be on everyone’s playlist when they feel low.

A very well made movie, that deserves all the good reviews it is gaining.

9/10 stars



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