Recruitment – Content Writer for Book Reviews

THE PULSE ENTERTAINMENT [TPE] is expanding and developing at a fast pace, and I have been appointed Head of Books [Reviews and Interviews], beginning of this year, having sole rights to reviewing all the anthologies that are published by Celenic Earth Publications [CEA] whom in itself have fruitful plans, for the present/future, in place. As [...]

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Aaru by David Meredith

Imagine a blank canvas given to you and you have all the freedom to paint what you like on this blank canvas. Now imagine this blank canvas was a world given to you when your physical body ceases to exist. It is not heaven but it may be considered to be heaven by some, if [...]

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The Book of Tea by Okakura Kakuzō

The book of tea was first published in 1906 and has since been published numerous times. It is a historical, philosophical non-fiction read and has Taoism, Zen-ism, and Tea-ism all neatly tied up with Japanese aesthetics and culture. We are shown how tea is infused in all aspects of Japanese culture affecting arts, architecture, their [...]

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