Girl’s Trip 2017

Firstly, it has to be said that this film is ground-breaking in many ways. Not only is it the first comedy film of 2017 to gross $100 million at the box office. It is also the only all black team of all time to do so. Black stars, screenwriters, producers and director. As well as [...]

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Defenders: The H Word – Episode 1

Spoilers Netflix's Defenders is officially out and I am in love! The trailer has had me on the edge of my seat for weeks now, and, I’ve got to say, every bit of anticipation was worth it. Episode one, “The H Word”, starts off with a visually stunning swordfight in the sewers of Cambodia that [...]

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The Hitman’s Bodyguard Released today.

Spoilers. Another blockbuster action film release this year comes with The Hitman's bodyguard. Even the trailer looks stunning, the humour between Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L Jackson becomes very clear when Ryan is sat there saying, 'I hope they kill him, I really do!'. Leading you straight into wondering, is he going to do his [...]

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The Circle (2017)

“Sharing is everything” The internet and social media have permeated into every aspect of our lives, we share photos of everything, OK maybe not everything, most people wouldn’t want to share on Twitter or Instagram, a photograph of their most recent poop or the bum grape said poop caused….. yet things might just be changing [...]

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Spiderman Homecoming

Well, we knew that Tony Stark recruited Spiderman. A young boy, to help out with Captain America. We know that he was inexperienced, yet showed talent and we know that Tony gave him the suit he was wearing. Homecoming shows the other side of that. How Peter gets recruited by Tony, how Happy is issued [...]

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